Playing Violin for Beginners

The benefits you will get from learning to play the violin are almost countless! Imagine playing and then finishing a fancy (and fun!) piece of music for your admiring friends.

Flex your fingers with some fiddle tunes or show off your playing skill with a classical violin piece.

In addition to some excellent information about the violin and how to play it, you will be get tips and tricks on how and where to buy violins, how to choose a good violin (depending on who it is for), how to start out playing a violin, and even basic maintenance for violins.


  • Find out the best way to introduce violin to your kids!
  • How to spot if your child or teen is interested in violin!
  • Wondering what size violin to buy for your “little” one…who is outgrowing clothes almost weekly?
  • Trying to decide whether to rent or buy a violin for your youngster?
  • How to help your child maintain a practice schedule and stay interested!
  • Find resources for your budding violinist!

Kids & Teens:

  • Are you wondering how long it will take before you can play a violin song?
  • Do you have what it takes to be a solo violinist?
  • How hard is it to take care of a violin?
  • Is there fun music for violin?
  • Join an orchestra and have fun playing music with kids your age!

Adult Beginners:

  • Wondering if it’s too late to learn?
  • There are benefits of learning violin for you, too!
  • Learn to tune your instrument, rosin your bow, and then show others what you know!
  • Learn different genres of violin music (fiddle, bluegrass, jazz, hiphop, classical)!
  • Improve your posture and tone your upper body!
  • Join a local orchestra and participating in your community in a whole new way!

The age that you start playing the violin doesn’t matter! It’s your enthusiasm and willingness to practice what you have learned that will get you where you want to go!